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Frequently Asked Questions

Jet-Dial has templates available for a variety of common business phones. If there is a template that matches your current phone we will do our best to make it work. 

If you want to keep your number, you can. We simply move it from your current Telephone Service Provider to our Jet-Dial solution. 

Voice traffic doesn’t use a lot of bandwidth, but Jet-Dial is Cloud hosted and relies on a sufficient Internet connection. We will help you determine if your connection will work. 

With Jet-Dial, you are billed a flat monthly fee, so there will be no additional long-distance charges—No surprises! 

We always do an assessment of your network prior to the sale to ensure that Jet-Dial call quality is clean and clear. 

Our Jet-Dial solution is based on a 3-year contract but it is common to make changes to the service so Jet-Dial can grow along with your business. 

Jet-Dial includes an optional Hosted Fax add-on that allows you to dump the analog fax line and utilize the more efficient email system for sending and receiving faxes.  

Jet-Dial has an app that works on iPhone or Android devices unleashing full desk phone features that uses your Company phone number and extension for your business communications. 

Analog phones use copper to communicate with the rest of the world. Voice over Internet Protocol phones can use the same data network as your computers.  

We prep your Jet-Dial phones and services so on installation day they are ready to go and just need to be plugged in! 

Jet-Dial setup varies in cost, depending on the size of your business and the features you choose to utilize 

You will not miss a call when switching from your current phone system to Jet-Dial. 

Your Jet-Dial desk phone will work anywhere it has access to the Internet.  

If you purchase the phones from us, they are covered on the Manufacturers standard warranty. If you use our Hardware as a Service plan, the phones are covered for everything, always.  

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Corenexa Contact Center

Every business is looking for ways to improve customer experience, reduce operational costs, and increase productivity and revenue. Jet-Dial Contact Center & IVR delivers the tools to achieve all of this and more. Its comprehensive toolkit empowers employees to reduce Average Handle Time, increase First Call Resolution, and build lasting, profitable relationships with customers.

Any business with high call volume, ring groups, or teams that regularly interact with internal and external customers, partners, or staff members can benefit from Jet-Dial Contact Center. Examples of business groups or teams that can achieve valuable results from moving to a contact center solution include:

  • Customer service
  • Billing
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Order support
  • Technical support
  • Supply Chain management
  • Collections
  • Field services
  • Market research 

Jet-Dial Contact Center offers comprehensive customer engagement functionalities, including:

  • Intelligent Call Routing/Advanced Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Proficiency-based skill routing
  • Omni-channel communications (Voice, SMS, Web Chat, Email)
  • Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Advanced Agent Scripting
  • Quality Assessment management
  • Survey tools
  • Dashboards
  • Detailed hive & historical reporting

Yes, Contact Center’s omni-channel capabilities support SMS, Email and Web Chat in addition to Voice.

Both Jet-Dial ACD and Contact Center have an Admin section, Dashboards, Reports, and a queue. The difference, however, is that the ones found in Contact Center are much more expanded, with more advanced queueing technology. In addition, Contact Center offers access to advanced features like IVR, data-driven routing, omni-channel communications, Call Back In Queue (CBIQ) and more.

Hunt groups ring extensions directly and end either in an answered call, busy, voicemail or a hang up. Queues allow for more options during the caller’s experience, in addition to much deeper analytics and oversight of the result of the call and the agent themselves. Other advantages of a queue system over a hunt or ring group include:

  • Leveling out call spikes throughout the day
  • Creating a consistent level of quality across every interaction
  • Creating a path to improvement and excellence
  • A more modern look and feel to the customer experience

Yes, Contact Center can be integrated with your CoreDial Asterisk PBX or any SIP-enabled third-party PBX. Connecting to a PBX enables the following:

  • Extension-to-extension dialing between the Contact Center and PBX
  • Increased on-Net or no-cost calling between the contact center and the rest of the business
  • Use of a new or existing hard phone as the audio path to the headset
  • Use of a third-party PSTN in Contact Center

Jet-Dial Contact Center has in-depth out-of-the-box reporting capabilities with nearly 100 on-demand reports.

Jet-Dial Contact Center is entirely browser-based; all you need is a PC with audio and a sound card, a USB headset, a stable internet connection and Google Chrome.

Our team will handle every aspect of Contact Center installation for you, including project management and training for your teams.

The licenses available for Jet-Dial Center include Core Voice Contact Center, and Interactive Voice Response. Optional add-ons include SMS, Email, Web Chat, Workforce Management (Jet-Dial WFM), and a BYOD license relating to connecting to third-party phone systems.

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